FTANavigator� is Web-based program that connects clients, producers, and Tradewin� consultants to efficiently create the Certificate of Origin that is required for obtaining preferred trade status for goods traded between participating FTA nations.

FTANavigator Features:

  • One place for clients and producers to exchange information about products which qualify for the FTA's preferred status.
  • Tracking of the correspondence and compliance of all trade parties to help assure timely completion of required documents.
  • User accounts for all types of users involved in the movements between FTA countries.
  • An application interface that is localized (translated into local languages) for all participating FTA countries.
  • Documents and letters in PDF format for cross-platform compatibility.
  • Robust application functionality via the universally accessible World Wide Web.

FTANavigator Benefits:

  • Reduction in the use of paper.
  • Automated communication between trade partners.
  • Streamlined process for soliciting, collecting, storing and retrieving the FTA Certificate of Origin data via the Internet.
  • Routine reminders are automated to assist in timely completion of required documents.

Support Information:

For general FTA related issues and questions contact your local Tradewin representative.

For technical or application related issues and questions, please contact our Technical Support team

Email Technical Support